"Kirlian Photography reveals the unusual aura of Cynthia Turnage."

  Turnage believes that if one were to see one of the Elohim face to face, they would glow much like this.  The Mesopotamian deities had a radiant visible aura they called the "melammu."  It caused a creeping sensation up the spine, and often caused human beings to flee in fear.  Biblical angels also had faces that "glowed like lightning."  See the description of the angel Gabriel who visited Daniel (Daniel 10) along the Tigris river in Babylon.  These mal'akim (angels), or deities (Elohim), also had eyes "like flames of fire."  The beings that are currently visiting Israel are also said to be "glowing giants," according to Barry Chamish of Israel.  The extra-biblical book of Enoch the Prophet also rendered a description of the newly born Noah as an unusal child that had flesh as white as snow, eyes that illuminated the whole house, and a body that radiated light.  In fact, his father Lamech believed that his son was a child of one of the "angels of heaven," and he made his wife swear to the "God that is most high" that she had not been unfaithful!

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