(The Photographic Evidence)

Table of Contents



Elohim Creators, Actually From Planet NE.BI.RU.
Nibiru Is Biblical "Kingdom of the Heavens"
Nibirians Travel To Earth Every 3,600 Years
The Bible Supports A Nibirian Origin For The Diety
In The Past Nibirians Provide Aid To Mankind
Nibiru Last Passed Through The Asteroid Belt In 1540 BC



Existence Of Extraterrestrial Life Is Impossible To Conceal
The Man Of Mars
Computer Enhancements Provide Startling Details Of Face On Mars
Mathematics Of Face On Mars Points Towards Builders
Structures On Mars Resmble Ancient Structures Of Earth
Martian Topography Resembles Earth
An Imaginary Survey Of Cydonia Reveals Layout Of Ruins
Cydonian City And Pyramids May Have Been Part Of Ancient Harbor
The Face On Mars Has Counterpart On Earth
The Pyamids Of Cydonia Similar To Those Of Egypt
Cliff Serves As Backdrop To Face On Mars
Tholus Mound May Contain Stepped Pyramid
D&M Pyramid Appears To Be Egyptian-Like
Face On Mars Identified
The Cult Emblem Of Enki In Utopia  
Egypt And Mars Linked
Another Face On Mars In Cydonia
Layout May Represent The Ruling Triad Of Nibiru
The Babylonian Cubit On Mars
The Nibirians Turn Right At Mars
Cubit Used In Heaven
Yet Another Face On Mars
An Incan Face On Mars
A Female Sphinx On Mars
Pentagonal Shaped Structure On Mars
Incan City On Mars
A Martian Landing Platform
Nazca-Like Markings On Mars
A Huge Circular Wall
More Pyramids In Elysium
Evidence Of Catastrophe On Mars
Nuclear War Waged On Mars!
The Strange Fate Of Phobos 2
Phobos 2 Tried To Photograph "Sensitive" Martian Site
Mars Observer May Have Met Similar Fate



American Astronauts Photographed Ruins On Moon
Emblems Carved Out Of Lunar Rock Point Toward Ancient Mesopotamia
Pyramids, Human-Like Head And Other Anomalies On Moon
UFO's Photographed Over Moon
Astronauts Voice Transmission Reveals Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Civilization On The Moon
Astronauts Speak Of Domes, Structures, And Tunnels
Condorcet Hotel On The Moon
Astronauts Encounter "Barbara"
Blocks, Beaches, And Terraces On The Moon
The Moon Rings Like A Hollow, Metalic Ball
Flashing Lights, Watermarks, And Another UFO
Astronauts See"Constuctions" On The Moon
Strange "Tracks" On The Moon
Secret Channel Used For Transmission When UFO's Appeared
Frightened Astronauts Saw Huge UFO's
Forget The North Pole-Santa Claus Is On The Moon
Moon Believed To Have Vegetation And Water
Gemini And Apollo Astonauts Saw UFO's
Astronauts Subjected To Mind Altering Force In Space
Apollo 13, A Disaster Caused By A UFO?
Former NASA Director Warns That We Are Being Watched By Aliens



The Builders Of Pyramids On Mars Connected To Egyptians
They Never Die
Crop Circles And Agriglyphs Are Likely Messages From Serpent Faction
Christ Will Return Between 2010 AD And 2060 AD
(Fully documented and extensively footnoted)


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This thought-provoking book uncovers shocking new evidence that there has been extraterrestrial life on the moon and on Mars in the past...and that aliens are currently operating bases on both planets. From a study of NASA archival photos, author C.L. Turnage has made several fresh discoveries on both worlds which seem to indicate that the builders of these interplanetary monuments are none other than the Sumerian deities of ancient Mesopotamia - or the Nibirians of Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicle Series. On Mars, Turnage has discovered a "parallel" Face on Mars in the Cydonia region, a mysterious "amphitheater", a huge arrow etched into the Martian plane, an Egyptian style sphinx, plus the gigantic cult symbol of the most infamous Sumerian deity, Ea/Enki. On the moon, Turnage has discovered human-like heads, pyramids, UFO's, and E.T. ruins. The author also presents surprising mathematical evidence that indicates that the builders of these ruins may indeed be from Sitchin's Nibiru; and that these constructions were laid out in geometric design using the ancient Babylonian cubit! In addition, astronaut voice tapes from lunar visits are examined. Find out what was really going on when NASA blacked out portions of the televised moon landings. See photos that lend a new meaning to the old phrase: "one picture is worth a thousand words." Discover why we can't go back to the Moon, and what really happened when we landed for the first time. Contains 40 laser copied NASA photos of Mars and Moon anomalies. A wonderful collection of provocative photos, that includes new finding not noticed by other researchers. A must have for any serious Ufologist. Fully documented, black and white line drawings.