Photographic Evidence from C. L. Turnage's Book:


Are On The

Moon and Mars

On Tuesday, February 24, 1998 C. L. Turnage shocked the radio listening audience with the statement that there was evidence of "water" on the Moon. Art Bell's listeners were less than "luke warm" regarding the statement. In fact one caller suggested that C. L. Turnage was "un-informed" and making a fradulant statement in light of the "scientific evidence"!

However, the next morning... literally within hours of Cynthia's shocking statement, NASA released an official news release corroborating her statement.

Look closely at Frame #12-7419. C. L. Turnage said that there was picture evidence of "vegetation" on the moon. Again, some listeners ridiculed her for making this observation and yet many scientists agree that since there is "frozen water" on the moon, there could be some sort of vegetation growing there. The arrows point to three areas which are significantly darker than the surface. C. L. Turnage says that this is a type of lunar vegetation.

During the same interview Cynthia L. Turnage stated that there was plenty of NASA photographs which showed UFO's on the Moon. Again listeners were quick to respond negatively... but look closely at Frame #AS-12-497319

the arrow points at the large disk shaped object just above the astronaut. What's really interesting to note is that the light source which is very bright overhead casts an unexplained bright disk shaped light on the lunar surface.

Finally, look at Frame #16-192338 taken from Apollo 16 lunar orbitor. Here is an incredibly large object flying under the orbitor whiel casting a shadow over the lunar surface.

These are just a few of the amazing photographs from Cynthia's book which show photographic evidence of Extraterrestrial activity on both the Moon and Mars.

Undeniable evidence. Skeptics alike agree that she has awakened the pioneering spirit in science.