War In Heaven!


In the Beginning...

1. Nibirian Physiology And It's Connection To The Orbit Of Nibiru
2.Before The Flood
3. UFO's, A Thing Of The Past?
4. The Glory, The Spirit And The Prophets
5.The Son Of Man
6.And There Was War In Heaven!
7. The Mysteries Of Daniel
8. The Resurrection Of Ancient Babylon


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From a study of the extra-biblical books of Enoch, Turnage ascertained the political events that transpired on earth when the Nibirians intermarried with earthling females. As you will learn, these events determined Nibiran policy for both humanity and the exiled Nibirian factions on earth. Author C.L. Turnage presents evidence that there was once a frightening solar system war. Photographs of crater anomalies taken by NASA probes seem to indicate that craters on the moon and Mars are not randomly placed, as would be expected were they all from natural causes. These probes, as well as evidence brought back by Apollo astronauts verify the use of nuclear weapons on the surface of the moon. The New Testament scriptures describe "warfare in heavenly places;" and other ancient Babylonian texts identify the adversary of the God of the Old Testament, who tried to seize control of Heaven and Earth during the time of Daniel. Find out the true meaning of Nebuchadnezzar's dream image. From a critique of ancient texts, eyewitness accounts written by ancient scholars, and an analysis of physical evidence, Turnage has discovered the reason for this science-fiction style interplanetary conflict. And, according to archaic and modern sources, this ultimate war is not over. . .Read this provocative interpretation of ancient data to find out the physical and political ramifications of a passing of Nibiru, as it once again reaches the asteroid belt during the biblical "Day of the Lord." The presence of UFO's in biblical literature is pointed out and expounded upon by the author, and the role it will play in earth's future is detailed. The use of an electromagnetic ray on the biblical prophets by the Nibirians is examined, and an explanation is provided for the image scorched into the Shroud of Turin. Contains 6 NASA photos, and black and white line drawings. Fully documented and extensively footnoted.