C.L.Turnage is a free lance writer who has an extensive background in history and ancient languages. She has studied over 300 translations of ancient Mesopotamian and Vedic Indian texts, the Hebrew/Greek scriptures, Egyptian writings, and extra-biblical books such as "Enoch the Prophet" as background material for three of her books. Over 40 NASA photographs were scrutinized for Mars and Moon anomalies which might indicate the presence of these extraterrestrials on these two nearby celestial bodies. Turnage is a member of the Ancient Astronaut Society, and is state section director for the Dallas County Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) (MUFON neither endorses nor condemns the work of C.L. Turnage.)

Turnage has been published in: The Outer Connection, Contact Forum, The Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Art Bell's May and June 1998 AFTER DARK newsletters, and EXPOSURE MAGAZINE. The authorīs books have received world-wide review by Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des UFO-Phanomens (GEP) c. V. Luisenstr.4 D-58511 Ludensceid, Germany, and in the U.S. by Magical Blend Magazine, P.O. Box 600, Chico, CA 95927-0600, The International Society of Bible Collectors (a worldwide society), and The Golden Age of Flying Saucers.

Discoveries by C.L. Turnage

Following are some of the discoveries documented in Ms. Turnage's books. ** NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature and confirmation of an ET presence on the moon, this discovery has been left off the list. We highly recommend that you obtain a copy of the book PENETRATION by Ingo Swann and draw your own conclusions. As the process of disclosure and exposure unfolds in our specie's consensus reality, we hope that you will consider the warning message from our ancestors.

1). Interpretation of biblical prophesies from the ancient astronaut point of view in regards to planet Nibiru

2). Interpretation of prophesies in regards to return of extraterrestrial Elohim, and political ramifications for inhabitants of earth

3). Identification of God of the Old Testament -- (which Mesopotamian Deity he was)

4). Identification and purpose of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) hybrid clone son of God of Old Testament

5). First to find planet Nibiru encrypted in "Bible Code"

6). Found "new face on Mars"

7). Found cult emblem of Adversary of God of the Old Testament on surface of Mars

8). Identified the Hebrew Temple as a celestial map of the solar system showing planet Nibiru, earth "zone of flight" against backdrop of Constellations

9). The Shroud of Turin as evidence of the existence of the hybrid Jesus Christ -- image burned by means of auric radiation

10). Original layout of the Bible and its symbolic meaning

12). Recognized time cycles of Babylonians and Hebrews indicating return of planet Nibiru

13). Identification of meaning of Hebrew "Great Number"

14). Calculated the return date of planet Nibiru

15). Determined the last passing of planet Nibiru

16). Hybrids on earth before the flood, and hybrids on earth before return of Christ

17). Babylonian texts tying Nebuchadnezzar to Marduk

18). Identification of Babylonian text of military coup on Nibiru -- takeover of Heaven by God of Old Testament

19). Political events on earth before the Flood, and at the return of planet Nibiru

20). Identification of the possible antichrist and global dictatorship

21). Numerous findings in Bible Computer Code that bear up the findings of her books

22). Identified date of Great Flood

23). The real meaning of the numbers 616 & 666

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