May/June-"UFO ROUNDTABLE" w/Larry Jamison, KGLW 1340am -San Louis Obispo,Ca

6/7/1996 LECTURE-MUFON- DFW, Dallas, TX

9/ /1996 LECTURE-MUFON- DFW, Dallas, TX


2/14/97-Dave Alan, "The Night Hawk"-KSCO/KMOY 1080 AM, Santa Cruz, Ca

10/10/97-"The Jimmy Salcarulo Show"-WEBN Cincinnati, Oh

10/27/97-"Copely News Service" w/Seamus Oconnol-KUCU, Hobbs, NM

10/27/97 "The Mike and Lisa Show"-92.3 FM Providence,RI

10/28/97 "The World Today Show"w/John McComb-CKNW-Vancouver, B.C.

10/30/97 "The Donna Corsano Show"'s Internet Station

10/30/97 "Captain Kev"-QFM Scotland/Glauscow

11/3/97 "The Howie Siegel Show"-CJVI AM 900- Victoria, B.C.

11/10/97 "The Jamie and Angela Show"-CSEA FM- Service Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

11/3/97 "The Kirk, Mark and Lopez Show"-WIYY 98 Rock, Baltimore, MD

11/12/97 "The Buzzz and Patty Morning Show"-KLAQ FM

11/17/97 "Strange Universe"- syndicated TV

11/21/97 Dave Alan, "The Night Hawk"-KSCO & KMOY-Santa Cruz, CA

11/27/97 "The Max, Tanna and Moffit Show"-KLTH 99.7 Westwood, Kansas

12/3/97 "Mathew in the Morning" w/Brian Bricker -KXFX 101.7 Santa Rosa, CA

12/20/97 LECTURE - MUFON DFW, Dallas, TX.....


1/5/98 "The Nick Carter Show" CFJC 550 AM, Kamloops, BC

1/12/98 "Timeless Voyager Radio" w/Bruce Steven Holmes Santa Barbera,CA

1/22/98 "Mancow Muller" WRCX Chicago, IL

1/28/98 "The Sammy and Burns Show" KYCW Seattle, WA

2/8/98 "Timeless Voyager Television" Santa Barbera, CA

2/8/98 "Timeless Voyager Radio" w/Bruce Steven Holme, Santa Barbera, CA

2/25/98 "Sightings on the Radio" w/Jeff Rense

2/26/98 "Wings" 103.1 FM WWGZ

2/26/98 "The Victoria Jones United Stations Talk Show" NY, NY

3/3/98 "Art Bell Coast to Coast" Archived at (4 hours)

3/5/98 "The Catfish For Breakfast Show" w/Jim Pruitt ABC Radio

3/6/98 "Sabastian Hughes" Hartford, CT

3/14/98 "The X-Zone"KCTB 610 AM, St. Catherines, Ontario

3/14/98 "The Edge of Reality" KLIF 570 AM NY, NY

3/17/98 "The Dr. Drex Show" KTFM 102.3 San Antonio, TX

3/18/98--"The Patrick Phillips Show"

3/22/98 LECTURE - Lacy Shields Alien Abduction Support Group Plano, TX

3/26/98--""The Daily Show"-New York, NY

4/23/98 "Sightings on the Radio" w/Jeff Rense-Archived at Sightings Archive 4/23/98

4/24/98 LECTURE - Beyond Boundaries Rainbow, TX

4/25/98 LECTURE - The Ancient Wisdom Convention Austin, TX

4/26/98 LECTURE - Art Bell Chat Club - Austin, TX

5/98 "UFO Roundtable" w/Larry Jamison KGLW 1340 AM San Louis Obispo, CA

7/10/98 Dave Alan "The Night Hawk" KSCO/KMOY Santa Cruiz, CA

7/18/98 LECTURE - Sky Festival - San Diego, CA

8/2/98 LECTURE - International UFO Congress - Laughlin, NV

8/3/98 Dave Alan "The Night Hawk" KSCO/KMOY Santa Cruz, CA

8/27/98 "Sightings on the Radio" w/Jeff Rense - Archived at Sightings Archive 8/27

9/26/98 "The X-Zone" w/Rob McConnell-KCTB 610 AM, St. Catherines, Ontario

10/24/98 "The X-Zone" w/ Rob McConnell-KCTB 610 AM, St. Catherines, Ontario 11:00-midnight Eastern Time

11/1/98 LECTURE - Pancho's Restaurant
Carrolton, TX
Contact Russell Mentor 972-250-0091
(N.E.corner of Belt Line and Josey Lane)

11/5/98 ZBS, KMOY, Dave Alan-- "The Night Hawk" 10:00 to 12:00.

11/17/98 Dave Alan-- "The Night Hawk"-KMOY/KSCO 9:00-10:00 PM Santa Cruz, Ca...with special guest, Zecharia Sitchin


3/6/99 LECTURE - 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Life's Journey Book Store
3313 Richland Av
Metairie, La 70064
Admission $5.00
Contact William Max   504-626-8385

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